Old School Kenyan Guitar Music

July 30, 2009

Before Benga: Kenya Dry

Before Benga: Kenya Dry

Spurred on by the idea of getting a lot of the stranger music I listen to out there, I’ve decided to start posting one song a day (barring days when i’m offline) in hopes of garnering interest in some of this stuff.

Being a guitarist into funky fingerpicking and the like, this first track I chose is an example of African fingerstyle done in an incredible way. Off of the great compilation Before Benga vol. 1: Kenya Dry, which, along with the chilled-out-yet-electrified Vol. 2: Nairobi Sound seems to be impossible to find (I first heard about it from the excellent and edifying music blog bennloxo.com), this track by Wiliamu Osale boggles my mind. I believe Matt of Benn Loxo already posted this song a while back but it’s no longer accessible, and since it’s pretty much one of the coolest songs ever, I decided to put it up. So groovin’, so percussive, so smooth, so raw. Also difficult to figure out how to break down and play! If anyone has any information on Wiliamu Osale, please send it my way.

Usimalize Mali

5 Responses to “Old School Kenyan Guitar Music”

  1. Anon Says:

    J’aime !

  2. musikgear Says:

    J’aime beaucoup aussi ! Merci pour cette trouvaille

    U ROCK

  3. […] in the 60s and 70s Classic Acoustic Recordings from Western Kenya. My first blog post ever featured pre-Benga Kenyan music. Abana Ba Nasery’s music is cut from the same cloth as the Before Benga comps. The lineup […]

  4. Simon Says:

    Who has got the old song: we kadogo nakupenda nikuoe uwe wangu????????????????
    Many thanks

    • Sam Mulongo Says:

      hey simon, am in the diaspora, am looking for that same song (we kadogo nakuependa) whichever version, cant find on youtube, any ideas?

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