KidimEnkazAndi Kuna Ngombe

July 31, 2009

Secret Museum of Mankind vol. 3Again, not too much information on this track. All I have is that it was performed by Ngigi León Nkenkete of Angola and is featured on Pat Conte’s wonderful 5-cd set,The Secret Museum of Mankind a collection of world/ethnic/indigenous music from a bygone era. I got this collection off of my good pals Geoff and Lynette Wiley, who run a sensational speakeasy style venue in Red Hook, Brooklyn called The Jalopy Theatre. Pat’s weird homemade and collected instruments, including a toilet bowl guitar, are frequently on display in various permutations. Currently on the walls is his exhibit Folk Art Violins of the 19th and 20th Century. Wish I could be there to check it out!
Back to the track, KidimEnkazAndi Kuna Ngombe is perhaps the most modern sounding music on the entire compilation. The combination of the choppy melody of the thumb piano (tyitanzi) with the strong, rhythmic pulse of what appears to be a flute-like instrument (maybe like the album cover?) is enough to get anyone into a trance. Anyone know what this music is about? I wondered if this wasn’t some sort of capoeira-angola music, despite the different instrumentation.
Regardless, take the hiss away and this tune (ok ok maybe with a light remix) would be at home in any late night dance party.
KidimEnkazAndi Kuna Ngombe


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