Healin’ in the Barnyard

August 4, 2009

ticklers 002I was going to post some chilean nueva canción music, but got a little depressed reading about the whole Victor Jara tragedy, so I’ll save that for a rainier day. Time for some healing. The cure? Mento, the joyous pre-ska, pre-reggae music of Jamaica. Harold Richardson and the Ticklers bring us this number about a piece of land that can bring healing and black magic spells if you pay the balmer.
Lots of information about the Ticklers and Mento music in general on this comprehensive site: mentomusic.com (photo courtesy of this site). Scroll down on this page for the lyrics!
An introduction to Mento music can be had via the excellent compilation Mento Madness

Healin In The Balmyard by Harold Richardson and the Ticklers


One Response to “Healin’ in the Barnyard”

  1. […] the Q-tip style vocals of Alerth Bedasse, the groovy lyrics of Everard Williams (lyricist of the previous mento track posted on this blog), swampy rhumba box and other percussion, banjo, flute, guitar, and more. “Guzoo” means […]

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