Arabic Dream Music

August 5, 2009

Miniature-2lutesTime for some oud music. This song came off a tape that my folks purchased at some point during their 10 year stay in the Persian Gulf. In fact, this music is likely some of the first music I was ever exposed to, which probably explains the eery feelings it conjures up inside me.
My brother digitized the cassette several years ago, but of course we have no real information on the music itself aside from the fact that it is a compilation bought in the late 70s of traditional oud and percussion music featuring an exotic belly dancer on the cover with the westerner-targeted title of Arabic Dream Music. With this kind of album cover you really understand what Edward Said was getting at. I believe rumors were that the music is Palestinian by way of Jordan or Lebanon, but I don’t think anyone in my family could actually confirm this. Perhaps any oud experts out there will enlighten us.
This track resonated with me in particular as it starts with a virtuosic oud solo for the first 50 seconds, after which a very laid back dance rhythm kicks in to get you moving.
Arabic Dream Music


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