Throat Singing of Tuva and Mongolia

August 10, 2009

GanboldI’ve been behind on posting, so I’m going to add a few tracks today, including an example of Tuvan and Mongolian throat singing. I was first exposed to this type of singing as a child when my old man would play Tibetan buddhist chanting, particularly a cd of the Gyuto Monks.
Michael Ward-Bergeman kindly donated some Tuvan music to me (he himself is an awesome split pitch throat singer), while my NY-based pal Beau bestowed some lovely Mongolian music upon me.
The first track is of the famous Tuvan group Huun-Huur-Tu, by far some of the grooviest throat singing music you’ll ever here, from their album The Orphan’s Lament.
Second is from the difficult to obtain cd Mongolian National Melodies and is performed by Taravjav Ganbold. I believe this track is originally a Korean folk song. Ganbold’s perfect control of the high overtone is particularly impressive.
Lastly, I get a kick every time out of this rendition of Mozart’s Rondo à la Turk, also from Mongolian National Melodies, this time performed by TS. Chuluuntsetseg.
Aa-Shuu-Dekei-Oo by Huun-Huur-Tu

Airang by Ganbold

Mozart “Ronda” by TS. Chuluuntsetseg


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