Art of Field Recording

August 13, 2009

DTD-08-Cover-Art-320My ethnomusicologist/music archivist-librarian pal Kevin gave me a copy of disc one of Art Rosenbaum’s Art of Field Recording, Vol. 1, and now I’m jonesin for the rest of vol. 1 and volume 2! I first heard about Rosenbaum and his wife’s work through my cousin who got me their text on the ring shout tradition of coastal Georgia, Shout Because You’re Free.
The compilation features music from all manner of American folk traditions, including several a cappella numbers that can be a bit grating for casual listening. Nevertheless, overall it is some of the best raw music I’ve heard in a long time.
Here are a few of tracks that I thought were particularly neat.

Free Go Lily by Brady “Doc” And Lucy Barnes

Going Down The Road by Golden River Grass

Old John Henry Died On The Mountain by Henry Grady Terrell


2 Responses to “Art of Field Recording”

  1. Kevin Says:

    One of my favorite New Yorker writers, Burkhard Bilger, recently wrote a nice profile on Art. The link below is to the article, and there is further photo and audio content there as well.

  2. readysetgo Says:

    Kev has a great ear for music huh. That last track is excellent

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