On a Bus

September 21, 2009

61um6huWTFL._SS400_All I can say is this must have been a pretty intense bus ride. Composed and performed by the eminent Lebanese oud player, Rabih Abou Khalil and his musicians, this track is a striking tour-de-force in contemporary Arabic-crossover music, from the beautiful 1999 album Yara. Some funky tempo changes in this tunes, from what sounds like 5/4 or 5/8 to 7/8 and back again with some 4/4 thrown in for good measure, so to speak (music theory buffs/scholars do correct if I’m wrong or nuance if need be, I might be way off the mark!). The music is apparently a soundtrack to a film with the same name, which I’d like to get my hands on at some point.

On a Bus by Rabih Abou Khalil


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