Guzoo Doctor

October 1, 2009

619t7b3wlJL._SS500_This here might be the coolest, sexiest, and weirdest piece of mento I’ve heard. It could only come from Chin’s Calypso Sextet, which featured the production of Ivan Chin, the Q-tip style vocals of Alerth Bedasse, the groovy lyrics of Everard Williams (lyricist of the previous mento track posted on this blog), swampy rhumba box and other percussion, banjo, flute, guitar, and more. “Guzoo” means obeah, witchcraft.
Though called calypso (the song itself refers to calypso), I suppose from an ethnomusicologist’s standpoint this is definitely mento music, the distinction stemming from the differing colonial histories of Jamaica and Trinidad, land of calypso. I wonder why Chin and co called it a calypso sextet, instead of mento? Maybe Chin’s Calypso Sextet sounds better than Chin’s Mento Sextet? Maybe it was just plain more marketable?
Regardless, my wife and I just love this tune. So low down, so slow, so smooth. Shake it, shake it! It can be found on amazon and itunes.

Guzoo Doctor


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