The World of Gnawa

October 22, 2009

Not finding much time right now to post, I am going to let the music do the talking. I discovered gnawa music, the music of north African (primarily Moroccan) sufis, a couple of years ago and can’t get enough of it.
This youtube clip might help situate you. Also on youtube used to be an amazing clip from the same video of the group led by hamid lkessri but featuring a guy with irrepressible energy dancing about in a gnawa-induced fit of exaltation. If anyone knows where I can find this let me know as it seems to have been removed. At any rate, this in my humble opinion is trance music of the highest order (I also love the fact that the stringed instrument – the gimbri/sintir – is played in a similar style to American clawhammer and minstrel banjo)

Here’s a short number from the great two-cd set World of Gnawa to hasten the upload (they otherwise tend to be very long pieces that the shoddy internet connection at London St Pancras doesn’t appreciate):



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