The Universe of Nick Pynn

November 9, 2009

51JDjnE2HkL._SS500_Once in a blue moon I’ll come across a musician whose work compels me to take a step back and ask myself two fundamental questions: why is this person not a household name in the music industry, and why am I not renouncing music completely as a line of work? Brighton-based Nick Pynn is of this ilk. He is one of those magical musicians who willfully slog away in the hinterlands of the music business, totally immersed in their creative worlds, impervious to the latest scenes, crazes, re-enactments, general absurdities, and other boring minutiae that decorate the professional music landscape.
He is in essence a “musician’s musician”. His music fills me with that mixed sensation of wanting to learn much more and wanting to stop playing completely as I ponder the work involved! It frustrates me to no end that I have yet to see him do his thing live (though I have jammed with him in the restaurant of his partner, another bewitchingly creative individual named Jane Bom-Bane).
I like his music so much that I had this first song performed at my wedding. A mesmerizing violin driven piece composed in Edinburgh (as evinced by the title) off his 2004 album, Afterplanesman , it delves into all sorts of breathtaking territory, while buttressed by the pumping of Jane’s harmonium.

Off Nicolson Street – Nick Pynn

This next track is from his recent release, Colours of the Night, which features orchestral arrangements of new material. Another wondrous work of wizardry from Sorcerer Pynn.

Michigan Sleeping – Nick Pynn


2 Responses to “The Universe of Nick Pynn”

  1. George Left Says:

    Having attended your wedding (and the wedding rehearsal) I was already aware of the breathtakingness of the 1st song. I listened to this “other” version (for me Michael´s acordeon rendition seems to be the original) about four times in a row sharing it with Martu and the kids.
    Upon listening to the 2nd song Julian said “this is music from Ecuador”. And he was so certain of it.

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