Jake Thackray

December 5, 2009

I have a soft spot in my heart for a touch here and there of witty verbosity sung by a surly pre-baby boomer in gentle, yet sharp, well-articulated baritone. Particularly if accompanied by a nylon-string guitar and perhaps a double bass.
A listener of Georges Brassens, I was very intrigued when I stumbled upon today’s featured artist as I immediately said to myself upon hearing his music, “this guy is Britain’s Brassens.” A similar sound, yet totally and utterly English. Northern English in fact. Delivered in unflinching Yorkshire twang, to be precise. Jake Thackray‘s name was dangled in front of me during some road-worn show I did with my band in Yorkshire a couple of years back, but it wasn’t until my friend Malachy provided me with a mix that included this wonderful song that I was actually introduced to Thackray’s music. It was a perfect instance of double entendre – there are Thackrays in my American family (it’s even my mother’s first name) who originated from Yorkshire, and what song of his did Jake deem appropriate for me to hear first? Family Tree.

Family Tree – Jake Thackray


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