Musica de Beni

January 28, 2010

More of an addendum to the previous post, today’s music is off of a cd entitled “Musica de Beni” that I bought for the whopping sum of 10 bolivianos ($1.50) in a little shop in Rurrenabaque (Rurre airport pictured) that sold artisanal products. In full candor, most of the cd is not to my liking. In fact the first 15 tracks are difficult for me to enjoy if only because of the phony production that makes everything sound synthesized (much of it could actually be straight off a keyboard), over-compressed, and, for lack of a better word, cheesy.
Tracks 16 through 20, however, are complete gems. First off, it sounds live, not overdubbed like the previous tracks. It sounds raw, fresh and full of energy. My band recorded our latest album a few months ago completely live and, while parts of it make me wince at its nakedness, in general I dig the energy of an album that can only come from people sitting in a room playing music together, sans edit, sans overdub.
Here’s a youtube clip of “Tamarindo Seco”, along with an audio version in higher fidelity.

Tamarindo Seco – Musica de Beni

Here’s one called the “Machetero Loco” (Crazy Machete Man). On youtube I found what appears to be a sort of Beni Department tourism music video using this song, which features many of the animals we saw in the Amazon, and includes a brief segment showing indians in a village performing their music, as well as a rodeo (cattle ranching is a big part of the economy in the eastern part of Beni).

Machetero Loco – Musica de Beni

And finally, since Carnaval is nigh, I thought I’d tack on this song:

Popurri Carnavalero – Musica de Beni


3 Responses to “Musica de Beni”

  1. Casiwlse Says:

    Thanks a lot!!

    This is also a gem, a beautiful cultural present, a cybernetic one …!!

    In Beni I heard a song that says something like:
    … campesinos bolivianos …
    … siempre hemos sido pobres …
    … este sistema no sirve y tenemos que cambiarlo …

    But I fing nothing in the WWW. Any ideas?


  2. Fagrisde Says:

    Thanks a lot!!

    More music of Beni:
    + Yo soy el Beni: and
    + En las playas del Beni (by Los Taitas):
    + Grasasario:
    + Bárbaros: and
    + El barco:
    + Piama:
    + A mix:
    + Sol de Cataluña:
    + (Not sure about the title of this one, but could be “El regreso al Beni”):

    + More music of Moxos:úsica Moxos&tbm=vid


  3. Desjetgs Says:

    I have something:

    Yo le cantaba a Celinda la cueca que tanto cantamos en las comunidades de Tarija… “este sistema no sirve y tenemos que cambiarlo… porque ha llegado hora…”

    [En Tarija] todos juntos entonando a coro una canción cuyo estribillo rezaba: “Campesino boliviano que somos los productores, hemos trabajado siempre, pero siempre somos pobres. Este sistema no sirve y tenemos que cambiarlo”.

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