Tom Bailey in the house (literally)

March 3, 2010

Virginia native and NYC resident Tom Bailey is a musical force of nature. He flatpicks guitar and mandolin, shreds a fiddle, and thumps an upright bass better than many pros play a single instrument, he whacks at a banjo well enough to exorcise many a demon, and he unleashes a commanding baritone with a haunting, timeless appeal.
Tom and I just got back from a rip-roaring three day festival in Dax (southwestern France) with Tincan Stringband. Tunes were had way into the wee hours of the morning with the virtuosic Irish band, Dalltach, and needless to say sleep was hard to come by. Great times…
I decided I’d take advantage of Tom’s presence in Paris – he’s back home tomorrow to NY where he leads the Old Time music scene – to do a little rough-hewn, informal “field recording” featuring him on acoustic guitar and on a buzzing banjo with strings scotch-taped to give it that backwoods, homemade Frank Profitt banjo sound.
Full Disclosure – these tunes were recorded roughly by yours truly, and much more of his music can and should be found on his myspace and on cdbaby.

Wild Hog In The Woods – Thomas Bailey

Wow, this next track ventures into old school Afro-groove territory. I think I might just play my banjo with tape on the strings from now on!

Getting Up The Stairs/Sally Brown – Thomas Bailey


3 Responses to “Tom Bailey in the house (literally)”

  1. Bill Hill Says:

    Thanks for recording, posting and sharing all of this good music and word -performed by and written about my friend Tom. I’m thoroughly enjoying tape enhanced banjo tune, now. LOL from the hinterland of West Virginia.

  2. Yann Seznec Says:

    Sounds great, I love the prepared banjo. I think that could get turned into a pretty awesome minimalist hip hop beat too.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Sounds great! These tunes make me very happy.

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