Martin Hayes / Dennis Cahill

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!
Several years ago, my Irish friend Paddy Fitzgerald conferred a copy of “The Lonesome Touch” by Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill to me with glowing comments.
Though at the time not an avid listener of Irish music, the tastefulness and subtlety of the performances completely drew me in. Cahill’s remarkably discreet guitar playing accentuates the rhythmic pulse of Hayes’ bouncy, virtuosic fiddling with interesting harmonic twists and turns.
I figured that for St. Patrick’s Day we needed laid back yet beautiful, upbeat music to add a well-needed dose of discerning restraint to what has become a well-marketed international drunkfest (in which of course I am taking part – I’ll be playing loud fiddle-driven music tonight at an Irish pub in Paris ironically called the Quiet Man).

The Bucks Of Oranmore_Eileen Curran_Jimmy On The Moor – Martin Hayes/Dennis Cahill

Paddy Fahy’s Reel – Martin Hayes/Dennis Cahill


6 Responses to “Martin Hayes / Dennis Cahill”

  1. Malachy Says:

    To my deep discomfort and dyspepsia, I was poisoned by a Moroccan in Clerkenwell on Monday night, so I couldn’t enjoy St Pat’s like I’d planned.

    But as the gutsache subsides, I wanted to echo your sentiments about the brilliance of Hayes and Cahill.

    Like Danny Boy, they’ve come in for a lot of unwarranted slagging – some folks just find their music too damn tasteful. I like nothing better than music with lots of knots and warts, but not at the expense of this. You don’t very often hear this calibre of musicianship, this kind of subtlety and grace, in Irish music.

    Well, that’s probably not true, and to prove it here are a couple of recent youtube discoveries…

    De Dannan on a boat in Galway Bay (1980):

    Luke Kelly & The Dubliners, The Auld Triangle (1976):

  2. Malachy Says:

    Oops, that wasn’t right. Try this:

  3. cocoringo Says:

    brilliant, thanks again malachy.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Great stuff from Malachy.

    Cory, here’s something I think you’d love:

    I went as a non-musical 15 year-old with my parents and had a ball, so I can only imagine the times you’d have. You might even bump to Mr Hayes…

    • cocoringo Says:

      thanks for that patrick! i would love to attend, and it’s cheap!! maybe 2011, as july ain’t looking too hot for a trip to ireland…too bad..

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