Mellifluous Ségou: A night on the town, part I

July 20, 2010

The next two posts will feature recordings done by yours truly while out on a late June prowl of sultry Ségou.
First off, the band at Espace Kora, an excellent outdoor “maquis” (club) where one can sit at large african hardwood tables, sip a beer and hear some excellent tunage under a canopy of various vegetation. Ironically the band itself didn’t actually have a kora player – its main stringed instrument was a tricked out ngoni (the spooky melodic instrument on the recordings). Accompanying the ngoni and the lead singer were kamelngoni (a sort of kora – ngoni hybrid), djembe, calabash, and electric guitar. The rhythm section were on fire – the calabash player alone was one of the best percussionists I’ve seen (see photo above of me looking inside his bash to see how he mic’d it).
Coming next: the excellent guitarist Douboutigui (Big Chief) and singer Batouma from another Ségousian maquis.
Apologies for our conversational platitudes that occasionally surface here and there.

Espace Kora 5 – Espace Kora Band, Ségou June 2010

Espace Kora 3 – Espace Kora Band, Ségou June 2010


One Response to “Mellifluous Ségou: A night on the town, part I”

  1. Liz Schelper Says:

    Both were a very pleasant listening experiences! You did it again with a great pair of songs! Both songs allows one to feel a courtly kind of pride (and dance glide) made to put ease, to relax and flow. Very graceful and endearing!

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