The Awesomeness of Free Music on the Web: Les Kilimambogo Brothers Band, n’ more

September 20, 2010

I can understand why the record industry is tanking. There is very little reason for any computer-savvy individual to have to actually buy any music out there, save for that which is difficult to obtain. Now with friends dumping gigabyte-loads of mp3s on one another, torrential torrent-ing, and many a specialized music blog mushrooming up in the nether regions of cyberspace (some of which post entire, easy to download albums of vintage-vinyl-to-mp3), spending money on music seems less and less worthwhile unless it’s a) to literally help support musicians, or b) to get access to something you really can’t find elsewhere.
Hmm. What to do? For want of time I will refrain from attempting to come up with propositions for the future. Instead, and mainly to keep this blog somewhat alive, I will devote the next couple of hasty entries to soul-shaking stuff I’ve obtained while foraging, somehow to make the point that it is incredibly awesome that rare music from the remote corners of the earth can be downloaded for free across the web. Most of the entries will likely link to one source – to my ears one of the coolest free download music blogs I can think of, Global Groove, which focuses on hard to find African and occasional Latin vinyls that have been digitized.

Here are a couple tracks from the great Kenyan benga band, Les Kilimambogo Brothers Band. Download the album here.

Mongeli – Les Kilimambogo Brothers Band

Baba mkwe pt. 1 – Les Kilimambogo Brothers Band


One Response to “The Awesomeness of Free Music on the Web: Les Kilimambogo Brothers Band, n’ more”

  1. Liz Schelper Says:

    Classic pop African sound! Try to keep seated while listening to this one. Great for cleaning house with! Great find!

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