Minipost: Legends of Benin

July 6, 2011

Whoa – a gargantuan amount of music has recently been dumped on my hard drive, so many posts coming up.
Here’re a couple of tracks off the smokin’ Analog Africa comp, Legends of Benin

Honton soukpo gnon – Antoine Dougbé

La musica en verite – Gnonnas Pedro; Dadjes


2 Responses to “Minipost: Legends of Benin”

  1. Charlie L. Says:

    i like the gnonnas pedro. he collaborated with africando. keep it coming cory

  2. Wow – AWESOME tracks. I first started hanging out with “Beninis” while living in Amman, Jordan back in ’97, but my Senegalese homeboys there were the only ones to hook me up with a home-brewed mixtape – so great to have some sounds to add to my great memories of really great people. Thanks so much for posting!

    By the way I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and get a lot of inspiration from it. I heard of it via Harriss from Paris (my soul brother in spirit, cousin by marriage) – I believe you’ve got a banjo thing going with him. Anyway, thanks again for your contributions to my consciousness and keep up the great work.

    Check me out at saudade brothers via word press, you might like some of the stuff you find.


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