Herein Begins the Ethiopian Edition

June 13, 2013

DSC_0111Well, it’s about time that I resuscitated this woefully neglected blog of mine! I’ve recently moved to Addis Ababa and have a little more free time on my hands. As a result the posts will resume with a predominantly Abyssinian flavor, though I’m sure I’ll touch on other stuff when I get a chance. For the moment my access to high-speed internet is intermittent at best, so I’ll be lucky if I get a weekly post in until my situation changes.
Tout d’abord, my first direct encounter with an Ethiopian traditional musician named Tewolde, who teaches at the Wafa School of Music. Introduced to me by Cyril, a Swiss guy who’s been taking voice lessons with him for the past several months, Tewolde has a studio loaded with krars, masenqos, and miscellaneous gear in a little corrugated shack in the back of a rough cobblestone road nestled in the heart of Addis. We had a jam yesterday, and last week I filmed him playing some of the instruments. Not only is he going to help me obtain my very own krar complete with mechanical tuners and all, he also promised to bestow upon me a wealth of different traditional Ethiopian music. So I don’t think I’ll be for want of material for this new Ethiopian Edition!

Videos coming when the snail’s pace upload rate improves!

OK, here we go…


One Response to “Herein Begins the Ethiopian Edition”

  1. Odile Says:

    We are excited for you, Corentin, and are looking forward to reading more about your new musical endeavors!

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