Fendika: Azmari Beat

June 18, 2013

IMG_0840Anyone looking for a stellar soirée of scorching music and hypnotic dance-trance in Addis should head to Fendika, an intimate hole-in-the-wall venue brimming with raw, sweaty energy. The audience was all sandwiched together seated on wood stools, others cross-legged on the floor sipping St George beers or Tej. Metal-stringed lead and bass krars, a washint, a masenqo and percussion were all plugged in and tuned up.
The dancing reminded me of a mix between New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians and traditional Bolivian dancing, plus explosive epileptic-like fits.
Just wait for the beat to drop around 0:38…While I wish I had filmed longer, I wanted to soak up the tunes rather than hold an iphone…


2 Responses to “Fendika: Azmari Beat”

  1. Tim Says:

    Hey Cory,
    I am very jealous of your musical adventure. Do you have any info about this bass krar? I’d love to get in contact with someone who makes and/or plays this.

  2. cocoringo Says:

    hi tim
    apologies for the very late response…i can get you info on the electric bass krar if you’re still interested.

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