Jamming with the Kids of the Society for Women/Aids, Addis

June 26, 2013

IMG_2059My friend Tewolde asked me to meet him about ten days ago at 9 am in front of Semin Hotel north of the Piazza area of Addis to meet the children he works with. Thinking we’d be at the hotel itself, my wife and I headed up there and met him. Instead, he proceeded to take us down a series of serpentine cobblestoned streets to the Society for Women/Aids in Africa- Ethiopia (SWAAE). The pounding of drums led us to the courtyard where the kids – many of whom are orphaned or whose parents are debilitated from AIDs – meet with Tewolde to rehearse all manner of African songs.
I put this little clip (with really low quality video, apologies) together for those interested in checking out the incredible energy of these adorable young folks. That irritating repetitive noise in the background? A car alarm that no one seemed able to switch off. As annoying as it was, on occasion it synced up with or provided a nice little counterpoint to the music..

If you’re interested in making a contribution to the SWAAE, contact Tariku by email here or here, or call him on +251(0)911141078 or +251(0)111558557.


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