Bata Traditional Restaurant

July 8, 2013

Image-1Another Azmari-focused post today. Residents of Addis will probably need no introduction to this place, but I figured it would be worth mentioning for potential visitors and the generally curious.
Bata Traditional Restaurant is situated right around the corner from where I live, but a walk through their gates is a sort of trip through the looking glass into some Abyssinian noble’s palatial house and gardens. An amble around the lush grounds before dark is worth it to see and hear the monkeys frolicking in the trees, and to check out the empty swimming pool and a dilapidated structure from which one can have a greener, less-polluted view of the small Bulbula river. Festooned with curios of all manner both in the garden and in the house (including cartoonish saint sculptures, a stuffed lion, and a purely decorative arched footbridge), a logical progression would be to have a drink on the terraces or in the downstairs bar and then head up to the music and dancing area for delicious food, flasks of tej, and much revelry (you will inevitably be invited to the stage to dance!).
Albeit geared towards expats, tourists, and diaspora Ethiopians, it is nonetheless an enjoyable, affordable place to eat well and see some great traditional music (krar, masenqo, washint, goat-skinned drums, and voice) and dancing in a beautiful setting.


4 Responses to “Bata Traditional Restaurant”

  1. Bet Says:

    I just discovered this blog and I love it! I see that you are not able to find more biographical info on Abitew Kebede, and that’s because he is no longer in the secular music scene. He is in fact a pastor now and leads worship at an Ethiopian church in silver spring, md. I hope that helped! Have a great day!

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