Field Recording Trip in the Ethio-hinterlands: Day 4 of 10

October 9, 2014

Woke up, wolfed down our inkulal firfir, slurped our strong buna and hastily headed down to the giant auditorium of the Wollo Cultural Center in Dessie to set up our first recording session. Set-up time ended up varying according to the subjects we were recording. In this case, it took well over an hour. Setting up microphones, stands, hooking up cables, installing lights, having a quick think about decor, and deciding whom to record in what order on the fly can take a lot of time.
By the time we were ready, the musicians were in full regalia, men in black and gold capes, women in yellow dresses. After three days of misadventures and farcical comedies of errors, we were finally hitting the red button. Joy! Masenqos, krars, washints, kebros, and singers were all present for a full day replete with South Wollo grooves.
Here are some photos from the session and check out the little iphone video clip at the bottom of the page. The sound quality is not great – you’ll have to wait until Quino finishes his documentary and/or Jonathan releases the audio through his label, Sheba Sound. Apparently the female singer in the clip (who’s amazing voice is not well captured in my iphone vid) is famous for having appeared on Ethiopian Idol!







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